Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Do Love A Good Book

This is going to be a really short post, and a longer, life-updating post will be arriving in the near future, but for now I just want to tell the world at large (or at least the few people who read my blog) that there is nothing like a good book to cheer you up.

I just finished reading Post Grad by Emily Cassel and I am slightly ashamed to admit that this is quite possibly the first book I have read cover to cover of my own volition in probably over a year. For quite some time now I've been starting books - maybe even getting half-way into them - and then leaving them on the floor by my bed to collect dust. And it wasn't that they weren't good books - they were great, interesting reads, but for some reason I just couldn't commit long enough. Personally I blame it on school. I remember people telling me how being an English Literature major would take the fun right out of reading (naturally I thought they were insane) but I kind of understand what they were saying now ... although I don't think it's English Literature that's the problem, just university in general. I was so stressed at school and I found that I always felt guilty when I read something for my own pleasure - and now, now I'm free. Beautifully and gloriously free to read whatever I like without even a modicum of guilty feelings! And a book about life not quite going according to plan after graduation was just what I needed (we'll ignore the fact that I didn't actually graduate at the moment).

I'm going to tell you right now that this book was not an amazing piece of literature. It doesn't forge ahead into a new genre, it won't reshape the thought patterns of an entire generation of people, it is purely and simply a fluff piece about life post-university. Things don't start out right but they end right and that's the sort of optimism I want to be hearing right now.

So, feel free to share a story or two of your favourite fluff books and may you all enjoy a warm blanket and a good book just as soon you possibly can!

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  1. Hi, good to see you back in the Blogworld! I'm looking forward to hearing more, but in the meantime a book is always a good place to start! :) I haven't read or heard of this one but then I'm not exactly in that book's target group agewise.

    I do like Alexis Bledel though so I might be picking up the movie on DVD some time in the future! I'm a Gilmore Girls fan. It's the only long TV-series I actually got all the seasons of on DVD...

    I've also been going back a bit in thought to my own school days lately. I don't know how much you have perhaps been following without commenting; in case you haven't, there are four posts in September's archive called Me and language (1-4). So far I'm only in my mid teens! I intend to pick up and hopefully get on with part 5 soon...

    Life is a strange thing, it often takes unexpected turns. Sometimes, you can't see clearly what was really good until looking back in the rear mirror. At other times, you have to keep your eye on the road in front of you and just keep driving.