Friday, January 9, 2009

I Dream of Ice Cream

You know what? Sometimes dreams can be really annoying. For me, lately they leave me thinking of food when I wake up. Last night for instance, I dreamt of ice cream, I even dreamt of buying it and had conversations with the clerk about which kind I'd be getting. And it wasn't even like it was some sort of special ice cream flavour - like peanut butter and chocolate - that would at least make sense for a craving. No, it was just ordinary vanilla ice cream - what made this dream craving special was the marshmallows and chocolate sauce used to garnish the ice cream. Thinking back now I recall that this used to be a childhood favourite of mine, but what has me dreaming about it now? What's even more bizarre though is that when I woke up it wasn't ice cream I was craving, somehow my waking mind translated the dream into a craving for of all things smores. Now I love smores - what could possibly be better than graham crackers, melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows all smooshed together in a messy ecstasy of flavour? But still - how do you get from ice cream to smores?
And besides, the last thing I need is to be dreaming about cravings - I get enough cravings during the day. I'd wager half my day is spent in craving certain foods, from salt and vinegar chips to chicken teriyaki sushi - and now these cravings have infiltrated my dreams. And it isn't so much that eating desire for food that drives me round the bend about cravings - it's the assumption from every Tom, Dick, and Harry you meet that if you're craving food you must be pregnant. What the Hell?! I'm not allowed to desire something delicious unless I'm pregnant?! Good luck with that one. So I don't know, at the end of the day I'm left with one question - what craving will I dream up next?

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