Monday, January 5, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

Okay, so maybe the madness isn't just beginning, maybe I've been slightly mad all my life, but this is my first real opportunity to share my madness with the world at large and I can't wait to begin.

I'm not going to lie, this blog was started very suddenly and without any planning so bear with me.

Here's how it started:

Me: You know I've been thinking about starting a blog, but I'm not sure how to do it or what to write about, I think I'll get a book on it or something

Banana #2: Book? Pff! You don't need a book, here, we'll create one now (steals laptop and starts to create blog on blogger)

Me: No wait! Stop! I haven't done any planning or anything, I don't know what I'll write about! I'll do it later - wait!

Banana #2: All done.

Me: ...well okay then.

So basically this blog was created against my protests of unpreparedness (I doubt this is a real word, but really, who cares?) ... perhaps I can write a blog on make-believe words...

Okay, so I don't know what I'll be writing about although I think it's loosely going to be about starting life - you know - in the real world (shudders at the thought), with lots of random tangents in between (not only do I have a wandering mind but I have a stumble button on my toolbar - be prepared for lots of randomness).

Anyway, it's a mad mad mad mad world and this is my place to tell you all about my experiences in it.

Until next time Gadget, next time.

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  1. Thankyou for visiting my blog, & leaving me such an interesting comment. I am glad you write to your fiance, & it is so nice that he treasures those letters.
    Welcome to the world of blogging, & you write so well, I am sure you will do well. Good luck.