Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Introducing the King Hellion

Wanted: Bagheera

Crimes: too many to list ... and they'll give you nightmares

Favourite Hobbies: eating toes, swiping at hands that innocently dangle over the edge of the bed, stalking the dog, owning the dog in "play" fighting, violently commandeering the laundry basket

Most likely to be found in any location he is forbidden to go including the bathroom, the laundry basket, the linen pile, on top of the computer, on top of the tv, and the list annoyingly continues

Weapons of choice: razor-sharp claws he insists on sharpening on wall-corners instead of his cat house and cat-tree and fangs to put a saber-toothed tiger to shame

Greatest weakness: an occasional desire to cuddle and involunatrily mewing cutely thereby forcing me to cuddle him

Most evil tendency: sneaking under the covers thereby slowing the speed of escape as he attacks the feet and legs of both Banana Number 2 and myself

Feel free to approach this cat and pet him but be weary - he tires of petting very quickly and new hands to maul are such a novelty

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