Monday, February 23, 2009

Nine Lives Indeed

For whatever reason, cats seem to be blessed with outrageous luck and our cat Bagheera is no exception. Today, for the second time in about a month he jumped on top of my computer monitor only to fall off and have the monitor come tumbling down after him - it is a very heavy monitor! Both times I was sure Bagheera was about to be crushed to death or severely injured and both times a black blur whizzed by mere nanoseconds after the monitor hit the ground. Asides from a tail that was now twice its size - Bagheera really didn't appear any different - and that's the miracle of the cat.
I never really understood about the myth of cats having 9 lives but I think I get it now - and I think Bagheera's used up two of his. When I was a kid I used to think this myth was talking about reincarnation but now I think it's really referring to those close-calls so typical of a cat. But it got me to thinking about some of my own close-calls - those heart-stopping moments when everybody holds their breath - how many lives have I used up? How many lives do I have left? At least a cat knows their numbers.
"Luck never gives; it only lends"

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