Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 Things To Do Before You Die

These are in no particular order ... just so you know:

  • play baseball with a tennis ball - you will feel like the strongest person in the world - it's a fantastic feeling!
  • try and catch a fish with your bare hands - an alternative would be to try and catch a butterfly with your bare hands .... I'm more inclined towards trying to catch the fish because to my knowledge a fish's scales don't matter to it to the same degree that a butterfly's feet do to it
  • give up something for your health - this is obviously hard but you feel amazing and so strong-willed - it's a great boost to your self esteem knowing you can conquer yourself
  • make a bucket list - this might seem strange but really it's just goal-setting and goals give you direction - you'll accomplish more if you're striving for things, after all "a man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for?"
  • love a cat - they'll teach you humility and show you a remarkable depth of character - and they're cute and fuzzy!
  • swim in a lake at night - just a remarkable experience; you feel peaceful and at the same time you get a nice little thrill of excitement
  • find a consistent way to express yourself - doesn't matter what it is, I'm partial to writing myself but whatever works for you be it painting, knitting, building a car, whatever - just so long as it provides a release for you
So that's my list. I originally intended it to be 10 items but I ran out of steam - if you can think of more to complete the list by all means mention them in the comments section :)

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