Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Mail?

I love mail - it just automatically brightens your day to know that someone spent the time to send you a little something through the mail, to know they went to all that effort to send you a little love (we'll ignore for now that bills also tend to come through the mail). Now combine my love of mail with my love of jewelry and you can imagine how excited I was today when the necklace I won from one of the Two Dog Pond contests finally arrived :D
Above are pictures of the front and back - isn't it lovely?! *blissful sigh*


  1. What a fun piece of jewelry to have! :)

  2. I won a contest at Two Dog Pond once! This is a fantastic caption, too.
    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog today. I'm over here nosing around.
    That sounds bad.