Monday, June 22, 2009


It can be pretty depressing graduating in a recession ... it's even more depressing when you learn that you won't be graduating quite on schedule. I've been in quite a funk over the past few weeks and I imagine I'll be floating in and out of that same funk over the next few weeks as well but for the moment I'm actually starting to feel good about the future.

My summer classes are almost over now and I'm getting ready to move out of this horrible student apartment (nothing is ever quite as bad as student housing) - granted I'm moving back in with my Mum for a bit but that won't be forever and it'll be nice to be near family and friends for a bit, not to mention I'll be closer to Banana #2's work - should get me somewhere around 4 extra hours a weekend with him :D But what I'm really starting to get excited about is my upcoming job hunt.

Everybody is telling me to find whatever little job I can and go from there but I'm determined to try and find the best job I can right from the beginning - how can you ever find a good job if you've already settled before you even start looking? So I've set my sights on finding a job in a publishing house and so far I've found some pretty interesting possibilities. Tomorrow and Tuesday I'm going to start doing some informational interviews with a couple of the companies and I might even have found a lead into one of the publishing houses already and better still it's probably the one that I'm most interested in.

We'll see how things go but for now, well, hope floats and I'm up there floating along on top of it!

Wish me luck!!


  1. Oh, sounds interesting - I do wish you luck!!!

  2. Hi I do wish you luck! I admire you for aiming as high as you can. My High School motto was Aim High, & it has stood me in good stead lots of times!
    Very Best of Luck.