Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Thing That Eats

Warning: The following account of my last few miserable days might be too graphic for people with delicate stomachs - it really isn't all that bad, but just in case, I warned you.

I have become the thing that eats and is never full... at least over the last couple of days. I forgot to have dinner on Sunday and then Monday morning I skipped breakfast because I wasn't feeling well and I was in a hurry to catch the bus. I was later grateful that I skipped breakfast because I spewed the entire contents of my stomach all over the bus and then when the driver pulled over, all over the grass as well - thank you motion sickness. I arrived at school, had my brief meeting about my options for the FUTURE (AKA how in the bloody hell am I going to finish my degree now?!) and then joy of joys, rode the bus home. Now at home and feeling thoroughly sick I crawled into bed and did not again arise for several hours. When I did finally get up I made a brave attempt to eat some food which did not go well and once again retreated to my bed for the night.

So now it is Tuesday morning and I wake up feeling ill, probably because I'm hungry but alas because I'm feeling ill the sight of food makes me feel even more ill. Nonetheless, I am aware that I need to eat so I decide to go with something simple and mushy and have some applesauce. At this point I decided to stop at one applesauce snack because now I was REALLY feeling ill and mere minutes later I was flushing the apple sauce I had just eaten down the toilet.

At this point I decide the day is not worth it, take some advil and tylenol and head to bed (I have failed to mention that throughout all this I have been suffering from a very persistant headache - I went to bed with it and I woke up with it). I wake up later in the day and since I am feeling slightly better I venture to eat something real (a broccoli and cheese stuffed breaded chicken breast). It was delicious and I ate it all. But I still wasn't feeling quite full so I ate some soothing arrowroot crackers/cookies (I never really know what they are, only that they are made for babies and I like them when I need comfort food).
Still later in the day I'm feeling that familiar hungry in the stomach feeling so I have a thing of applesauce. Now it is technically Wednesday morning and I'm so hungry/pain in the stomach/feeling very ill again that I have opted to eat some vanilla yoghurt and pray that puts things back to rights. I am the thing that eats and is never full ... somebody save me.

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